Josef Kunhart

Diploma thesis, Ing.

Diploma thesis

This website presents on-line version of my engineer diploma thesis, defended in June 2013. Original version of website was published in 2013. Redesigned and revamped version of the website comes from 2023, that is exactly ten years after the initial version.

Basic information

Title: Web content management system: architecture, concepts and application.
Author: Bc. Josef Kunhart.
Supervisor: Ing. Miroslav Bureš, Ph.D.

University: Czech Technical University in Prague.
Study Programme: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
Field of Study: Computer Science and Engineering.

Successfully defended on June 5, 2013.


The aim of this study is to propose design of a web content management system. This work focuses on architecture, database design, local concepts, and user interface design. Key concepts and typical problems of a content management system are described. Multiple solutions for key concepts are investigated and compared to similar solutions and products. The first part of the study explains system architecture, the following parts discuss global and local concepts, and the last part deals with the user interface design and user testing. This work focuses on the application design without a detailed description of the program"s implementation.